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How to apply

There is not formal procedure to apply: please write us, tell us who you are, you want to attend, we will schedule a chat on zoom, and we will go from there. 


FIS-age athletes must have have a FIS license. Admittance is capped and competitive. 

Documents: Health certificate, Insurance, Passport

Under Italian law it is required for all athletes to have a valid health certificate expressly attesting one's physical ability to race in ALPINE SKIING. Upon acceptance, you will be required to send us the health certificate, copy your health insurance - without which you will be not able to take part in the program - and a copy of your passport. COVID immunization record and a Covid negative tests are also needed to attend the camp.

Do you have questions?

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Dr. Federiga Bindi Academy's Director and a certified USSA coach, in the 'other life" Dr. Bindi holds the Jean Monnet Chair both at the University of Wyoming and the University of Rome Tor Vergata, in addition to being a Fellow at the University of Colorado at Boulder. She splits her time between the Dolomites and Colorado.

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