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The importance of training off-season

The offseason holds utmost importance for a ski racer, providing an opportunity to revisit fundamentals, fine-tune techniques, and enhance skills for the upcoming winter. Given the significance of progression, we exclusively offer medium to long-term training periods, with a recommended minimum duration of 3 weeks

Spring and summer

Our summer training programs alternate training on-snow with dry-land  (agility, mobility, stretching, lifting, hiking, biking etc). Post-season training starts in mid April and go on until early August. A small group athletes will travel to South America for training and races t

Fall (mid-September to late November) 

A unique, intensive training and FIS racing program to get in top shape and lower your FIS points to be ready for the season! The program combines training on local glaciers, dry training, and FIS races, which in South Tyrol begin in November. Training taking place in different places in the Alps, according to snow conditions. The Fall programs are only for FIS athletes, who will also get to compete in the first races in Europe, quotas allowing.

The regular Alta Badia Ski Racing Academy program begins in mid-late November 

The program fees in Europe are € 3,400 per month + room, board and skipass

- The training program on snow, with an average of 15 days on-snow per month

- Dry training and off-snow activities in the days off

- Transportation to training 

- Administrative work & support for eventual visa

When applicable races fees

Write us to know more.

Travel and Lodging

The camps are sleep away and alternates days on snow with days with dry training, typically in hotel during the on-snow days and in shared apartments during the off/ dry training days. The transfer from / to the airport can be organized at a fee

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