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Back to the Fundamentals: Off Season Training

Although skiing is predominantly associated with winter, the summer months hold paramount significance for ski racers. It's during this period that we return to fundamentals, engage in fine-tuning, and focus on skill development for the upcoming winter season, free from the pressures of racing. This emphasis on foundational work i crucial for FIS athletes, as the rigorous racing schedule during winter consumes much of their time, leaving little opportunity for refining techniques. 

Given the importance of progression, especially during the summer season, we exclusively provide medium to long-term programs (with a minimum recommendation of 3 weeks). These extended durations not only facilitate skill development but also cultivate strong bonds among athletes, while offering foreign participants an immersive cultural experience alongside Italian peers. Our low athlete-to-coach ratio ensures personalized attention, maximizing the effectiveness of training.

Drawing upon the combined extensive experience of Alta Badia Ski Academy and GB World in Aprica (Bormio) - decades of coaching and racing worldwide - our programs are meticulously crafted. Through our collaborative efforts, we are able to tailor a variety of programs to effectively meet the diverse needs of our athletes, while still remaining a small program focusing on individual attention. 

Our training camps are not commercially oriented; hence, we only accommodate a select few athletes, primarily those committed to our full-season program at the Alta Badia Ski Academy. Our camps are for FIS racers, though exceptionally skilled second-year U16 may be admitted, depending on availability.


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